Teams & Institutions


min-faiez-zannadFaiez Zannad
Professor of Therapeutics and Cardiology, 
Head of CIC

Faiez Zannad is Professor of Therapeutics and Cardiology. He is at the Head of the Division of Heart Failure, Hypertension and Preventive Cardiology...Short bio



min-frederic-jaisserFréderic Jaisser
Director of INSERM Unit U1138

Frederic JAISSER, MD, PhD got a permanent position as Director of Research at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) in 1996.  Dr. JAISSER received his medical training and degrees from the Reims.... Short bio




womanThiên-Ly Pham
Phd, European project manager 

Thiên‐Ly Pham has a Diplôme d’Ingénieur (five year degree) from Ecole Centrale de Lille, a top French general engineering school. She specialized in biomedical engineering with an MSc in Medical Diagnostics degree in England, and a PhD in medical imaging in France. She worked at LNE/G‐Med as a Certification Project Manager...Short bio 




min-javier-diezJavier Diez Martinez

Dr Diez's main research interest is focused on the mechanisms of myocardial remodeling involved in hypertensive heart disease and heart failure...Short bio



min-aranxta-gonzalesAranxta Gonzales Miqueo

Currently she works as a staff scientist in the Division of Cardiovascular Sciences and she is Associate Professor of the School of Medicine (University of Navarra)...Short bio




kenneth-mcdonaldKenneth McDonald
Clinical Professor of Medicine
Consultant Cardiologist

Professor Ken McDonald is the founder and Medical Director of the Heart Failure Unit at St Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin, and is presently the National Clinical Lead for Heart Failure in Ireland...Short bio




Chris Watson
UCD Conway Institute, School of Medicine & Medical Science

Dr. Chris Watson, Senior Scientist for the Chronic Cardiovascular Disease Research Group, is based in the Conway Institute, University College Dublin (UCD). He is also the Translational Research Coordinator for the Heartbeat Trust, Dublin. Dr. Watson joined UCD in 2006...Short bio






stephane-heymansStephane Heymans
Professor of Cardiomyopathies
Head of the Centre for Heart Failure Research

Stephane Heymans is Professor of Cardiomyopathies and Head of the Centre for Heart Failure Research, Department of Cardiology, Maastricht University...Short bio




anne-papageorgiouAnna Papageorgiou
Senior scientist

Anna Papageorgiou is a senior scientist at the Cardiology Department, Maastricht University. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Pharmacology from University College London in 1999. She went on to complete a Masters Degree in Immunology...Short bio






min-thomas-thumThomas Thum
Professor, MD, internist, cardiologist Director of the Institute for Molecular
Translational Therapeutics Strategies (IMTTS)

Prof. Thum studied Medicine at the Hannover Medical School from 1994-2001...Short bio



manSandor Batkai

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mariann-pavoneMariann Pavone-Gyöngyösi
Asc. Prof. Dr. MD PhD, internist, cardiologist

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quoc-Tuan-doQuoc-Tuan Do
Chemoinformatic Manager

Quoc-Tuan obtained his Master in Chemistry and his diploma of “ingénieur chimiste” at l’Ecole National Supérieure de Chimie de Mulhouse (France) in 1996...Short bio






Huseyin-firatHüseyin Firat
President & CEO

He is a pediatrician and practiced as an associate professor in Paris University hospitals. After his PhD of Immunology at Pasteur Institute, he was accredited as research director, responsible of the Immunology Laboratory at Généthon...Short bio



eric-schordanEric Schordan
Molecular Diagnostics Head

PhD in molecular and cellular biology in 2005 (University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg). Laureate of an IEF Marie-Currie fellow (2006-2008). Senior postdoctorant (2009-2013). Molecular Diagnostics Head at Firalis SAS since September 2013...Short bio






isbaal-ramosIsbaal Ramos
Project Manager

Isbaal Ramos finalized his degree in Biology at the University of the Basque Country, Spain in 1999. After a two years working as predoctoral student in Animal Physiology, he moved to the Biophyisics Unit of CSIC, Spain where he got his PhD in 2006, for his studies in histone chaperones...Short bio



clarisa-saladoClarisa Salado
Managing Director

Clarisa Salado graduated in Biochemistry at the National University of Tucuman Argentina, in 1992 and got her PhD in Biochemistry in the University of the Basque Country Spain, in 1998...Short bio






natalia-lopez-andresNatalia López Andrés
Cardiovascular Translational Research

Dr Natalia López-Andrés (01-10-1979, Spanish) obtained her degree in Biology at the University of Navarra in 2001 and her PhD in the Area of Cardiovascular Sciences at the Centre for Applied Medical Research (CIMA, Pamplona, Spain) in 2006....Short bio




enrique-santamariaEnrique Santamaria Martinez
Proteomics Unit

Dr Enrique Santamaria (22-12-1979, Spanish) obtained his degree in Biochemistry at the University of Navarra in 2001 and his PhD in the Area of Biochemical Hepatology at the Centre for Applied Medical Research (CIMA, Pamplona, Spain) in 2005. His thesis work focused on the identification of potential biomarkers of non-alcoholic...Short bio




Collaborative partners



min-javed-butlerDr. Javed Butler
Professor of Medicine, Director Heart Failure Research

Dr. Javed Butler is Professor of Medicine at the Emory University and the Deputy Chief Science Officer for the American Heart Association...
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min-peter-severPeter Sever
Professor of Clinical Phamacology and Therapeutics
Honorary Consultant Physician at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust & 
Co-Director of the International Centre for Circulatory Health

Peter Sever is Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics at Imperial College London ...Short bio






min-peter-rossingPeter Rossing, MD, DMSc
Professor, Chief Physician

Director of Research of the Steno Diabetes Center

Peter Rossing has since 2007 been a chief physician and manager of the Steno Diabetes Center research team dedicated to the research of micro-and macrovascular complications of diabetes...Short bio